How Can I Sell My House in This Market?

Are you getting divorced? Did you lose your job? Are you overwhelmed by medical bills? There are so many reasons why people would need to sell their home quickly, and although it would be nice if you could keep your house and let the value grow, that is simply may not be how luck would have it.

When people say, “It’s a good time for buyers” they are also saying, “it’s a bad time for sellers”. Even though the current data suggests that the housing market is beginning to show signs of recovery, you’ll still face strong completion when it’s time for you to sell your house.

But don’t lose hope, there are many things you can do to help sell your home and have a leg up on the competition.  It’s important to make buyers feel comfortable, so here are some tips and tricks for selling your home that you can do for little to no cost.


Clean! Clean every detail! A sticky kitchen floor can be irritating to a buyer. The same goes for hair on the shower wall, dust on the windowsill and toothpaste spots on the bathroom mirror.  No one wants to buy your beard shavings! And they don’t want to be forced to hire a cleaning service.

Make your home cleaner than it has ever been. This will help make your home more appealing to buyers because there is less distracting them from feeling comfortable.


Remove the nick knacks from your home. As sad as this may be, pack up the cute porcelain pig figurines, the shells from the Bahamas, and take down the family photos.
Simple is always better, because it allows people to picture their own things on shelves, instead of admiring (and being distracted by) yours.


If you have red walls, repaint them a neutral color. A black and red kitchen may have been fun, stylish and modern in the early 90’s, but not anymore. The same goes for very bright, and very dark colors.

When you are selling your home, you are selling a product, and although one person may LOVE red walls, you want to appeal to the masses to increase your chances of selling. Replace that red wall or black bedroom with light, warm colors.

Avoid Patterns

Avoid patterns, choose neutral solid colors. For example, a bedspread with a dense pattern can make a bedroom look smaller, because the bed takes up more visual space.  Our eyes are dawn to the bed itself, and it can be hard to picture what the room really looks like without the homeowner’s stuff in it. Try covering the comforter with a light, solid color. Consider taking down dense or bright curtains. In some cases, an undressed window looks better to a potential homebuyer, especially if you have a view! But use your judgment. You were a buyer once, too.

You want your bedrooms to look larger and your windows to be open and beautiful. Patterns can distract buyers from seeing themselves in the home, so remove them by covering with a solid color or taking them down completely.

Light a Candle

Realtors have been known to bake cookies during a showing. Cookies give buyers a warm comforting sense of home, and this feeling helps sell a house. Don’t let your home smell like you and Fido, find a popular sent, like cookies or vanilla, and make your home smell that way. If you recently painted, just open a window. The smell of paint can give people a feeling of ‘new’ or ‘clean.’  But be careful not to go overboard! Scents that are too strong can give people a headache and make them want to run out!

Call a Realtor

The absolute best way to sell your house quickly is to contact a Realtor. They specialize in selling houses and are invested in your sale. They can take beautiful pictures, promote in newspaper and online, and some can even buy your home themselves. Their resources are endless!  So contact Home Remedies, LLC today for more information on how you can sell your house in the fastest, easiest way possible!

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Pat Funaro

Pat is the founding Member of Home Remedies, LLC, and for the past 18 years, has enjoyed helping Connecticut homeowners navigate the challenges of home-ownership. He earned an MBA at UConn, and is the Owner/Broker at North Atlantic Realty. LLC.

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